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Join Sarah Robinson for an exploration of relationships and emotions

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A 6 week course exploring our relationships with others, starting with our most important relationship: ourselves. We’ll then move on to family, friends and the connections we have with other people in our community.

Week 1: Myself

Building on our previous work about how important and special we are, we’ll learn the importance of taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. We’ll discuss decision-making: choosing healthy foods, leisure activities and thoughts. We’ll also explore our ‘inner voice’ and how to cultivate gentle and compassionate self-talk.

Week 2: Family

We’ll look at different family units and notice how, despite differences, all family relationships have a common feature – they are the people who provide us with consistent love and care throughout our lives.

Week 3: Healthy friendships

We’ll examine the difference between someone we know and a ‘friend’, defining what makes a good friend. We’ll look at different types of friendships and how these special relationships can develop, deepen or change over time.

Week 4: Friendship difficulties

We’ll look in more depth at friendship difficulties and strategies for dealing with short term and long term problems, including ways of recognising and dealing with bullying.

Week 5: People in the wider community

We’ll move from special relationships to the connections we have with the people in our community. We’ll talk about our shared human experience and how important it is to treat everybody we encounter with politeness and respect, regardless of any differences we may encounter.

Week 6: Personal safety

We’ll talk about how important it is to keep our minds and bodies safe and protected, defining acceptable behaviour from others. We’ll discuss healthy boundaries and stranger awareness.


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6-week course


Ages 6-11, KS1/2 – e.g. based on primary syllabus


Outside Education Community Hub and Training Centre


Sarah Robinson


8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January
5th, 12th February


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