Science in the Garden

Join us in the Incredible Edible Heaton Park community garden for fun, hands-on science.

  • What do magnets have to do with navigation?
  • How do bumblebees fly?
  • Could you build a ladder to the moon?

Discover the answers to these and many more questions through exciting experimentation and investigation projects at Outside Education’s mobile learning centre in Incredible Edible Heaton Park’s fabulous community garden and orchard and at our bespoke community hub and training centre in Prestwich.

Science Courses and Workshops

This half-term our primary and secondary groups will be learning about Elements, Mixtures and Compounds.

Designing Experiments The students will with guidance work out the best ways to tackle scientific investigations. As they go along they will have to question their method and see if it needs altering.
Chromatography A fun and colourful way to see how colours are made up. Why is there pink in the blue?
Dissolving and Evaporation Learning how to get the solid back out of the liquid.
Sieving Just how did this method work for the gold panners?
Filtration It is not just for a parent’s coffee in the morning. How filtration is important to many aspects of modern life.
Using a Bunsen Burner Hot enough to melt copper and aluminium. Learning how to safely use the heat source of science investigation.
Atom modelling Making molecules with models. Yes, one of them does look like a doggy having a pee …
Making Alloys Invented 5000 years ago this technology took mankind out of the Stone Age and changed the world as we know it.

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