by Heather Rose – Mindset Coach for Children, Author

Law of Attraction

My name is Heather and I’m the mum of my miracle little boy Isaac who is currently 13 years old. Isaac has ADHD and is also on the Autistic spectrum.

With my business I have been introduced to the Law of Attraction and mindset, and completed courses and training which has helped me immensely with how I look at life and react to things, along with my confidence growing, and it’s helped me greatly in my business, home life and overcoming things that have happened to me in my life and to now be able to deal and talk about these.

Seeing Isaac suffer with low self esteem, low self love and worth and wanting to take his own life I knew I had to take action myself. I started to implement into Isaac’s daily life the things that helped me transform my life – reading to him how the Law of Attraction can work and doing daily Affirmations with him, looking at mindfulness techniques, journaling and working on having a growth mindset. This really helped Isaac and we saw a massive switch in his behaviour at school.

I then bought him a children’s Law of Attraction book which we read together everyday and he wanted to share this, so he did a Facebook live on my profile. This reached over 5k views! He was thrilled to say the least. We had so many messages from other parents saying how their children were also struggling with the same sort of mindset.

A New Journey Begins

It truly upsets me to see children suffer like this and we need to do something to help. This is where my idea came from and Mindset And Me was born. Isaac wanted to be involved and he came up with the logo. I am super proud of him and this business is as much his as it is mine. It’s time to make a difference in the world.

We launched 2 years ago now and we have achieved amazing things and results. We have been on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Manchester, Radio Rossendale, in our local paper, various interviews, magazine deal and we were in Spirit and Destiny, in various blogs and in the families magazine. It’s been a crazy journey so far and we are very excited.

We have various products out now including our affirmation mindfulness flashcards, teenager cards, “I can I will I am” cards, adult cards, worksheets and journals. We have our first children’s book “Isaac the Master of Emotions” with a sequel launching very soon “Isaac the Master of Confidence”.

Altogether Teen Hub

We also run in a collaboration the Altogether Teen Hub – a platform for over 10s to come together to make friendships, build on their confidence and learn too. We want to support children and teens and provide resources that we didn’t have when we needed the help. To help children gain confidence, self love, the love of others, grow their self esteem and to have a growth mindset in life. If we can help provide tools for their toolbox for life they can become more resilient. We have seen our resources help so many children and it’s really making a difference to many lives.

Home Education

Isaac is now thriving and being home educated. He absolutely loves attending his Outside Education classes and these are really helping him grow in confidence and making friendships.

Heather and Isaac X

From Isaac – Doing Affirmations makes me be positive, do good things and I feel happier!