by Sarah Robinson – Primary Teacher, Outside Education

Learning outcomes:

  • To be aware that life can sometimes change permanently.
  • To know that ‘big life changes’ are out of our control and can therefore produce strong feelings.
  • To know that our feelings and reactions are within our control.
  • To explore ways of dealing with uncomfortable feelings.


  • Book: There’s Going to Be a Baby by Jon Burningham
  • Resource sheet for session 5 (included below)
  • 2 paper plates
  • Scissors and glue
  • Pictures of life events (see separate attached document)

Activity: Read and discuss There’s Going to Be a Baby

Key points:

  • Mum is going to have a baby and the baby will be a permanent ‘change’ to their family dynamic.
  • The boy’s feelings about the arrival of the new baby are not fixed. His responses are different at different times. Throughout the story he’s curious, confused, excited, sad and angry.
  • When big changes occur that we have no control over, they can bring about strong and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Try to remember that your feelings about a situation aren’t fixed or permanent. Feelings are often compared to a rollercoaster or a tidal wave. They rise, intensify and then settle down. Sometimes they take us by surprise. When you experience a particular feeling, it’s helpful to remember that it is normal and that you won’t feel like this forever.
  • The arrival of the new baby at the end of the story will bring huge changes that we don’t get to see. Can you think of what they might be? What’s fun about having a new brother or sister?

Activity: Sorting activity (Things I can control / Things I can’t control)

****download Growth Mindset 5 Resource Sheet****

  • It’s helpful to remember that you do have control over certain things in your life (the friends you choose, the clothes you wear etc).
  • Look at the pictures on the sheet showing different events and discuss whether they’re things you can control or not.
  • Take two paper plates and write at the top of each Things I can control and Things I can’t control. Cut out the pictures and sort them into these two categories, then stick them onto the relevant plates.